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Helicopter Rentals in Major U.S. Cities

  1. Robinson R44
  2. Eurocopter 120
  3. Bell Jet Ranger 206
  4. Long Bell Jet Ranger
  5. Sikorsky Helicopter


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Private aircraft chartering is the choice for the discerning traveller. It’s exclusive and pleasurable. Sportsmen and women, music idols, business tycoons, movie makers, and celebrities use it regularly, the service is elite, and demand is rising. The patrons of executive VIP air charter enjoy security, confidentiality, luxury, and hassle-free departures and arrivals using local airports or business air terminals.


We have access to helicopters in all major U.S. Cities. As one of the largest helicopter charter companies with access to more helicopters across the United States. We are available at all times and can arrange a flight within as little as three hours notice.


Get an eye-to-eye view of any major U.S. city skyline with ultimate picture-taking opportunities of the historic cites, monuments or what ever you desire. Then, back up to take in many impressive skyline featuring any major U.S. city.



Charter a jet or luxury helicopter with Air Charter Service.

If you need a private jet charter flight you can also reach us at Central Jet Charter Inc.,, our sister company at any time in any aircraft. We can also be reached at Central Flight Charter. Please CONTACT US at Anytime, we would love to hear from you!

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